About Me

A neuroscientist by training, I worked on the business side of science for most of my career.  I spent years on Wall Street, and went on to join the C-suite of several biotech startups.


I am a life long lover of numbers and analysis. I was always a natural at breaking things down into manageable steps.  I am an expert at creating structured, functional plans to reach my or my companies' goals.


​But what changed my life was adding in the right mindset.

The right mindset propelled me forward. Because I could follow my plan and spend way less time managing my anxiety and perfectionism.


Although my kids still call me a nervous nelly. 


​I won't be skydiving any time soon.


​But I will offer you my insights on productivity and anxiety management.


So you can be proud of all that you accomplish (or choose not to accomplish) in a day.
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Denver, Colorado, United States

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