Otherwise it will choose problems that can't be solved.

I was trying hard not to lose my sh*t this morning.

It takes a lot for me to lose my cool at this stage of my life. I have a lot of good mental tools that I use to shift perspective when the unexpected happens. And...

You have to plan to let your mind wander.

Last week was a whopper for me.

It was a convergence of events. My kids’ school year was ending, and we had a lot of unusual events (and a lot of emotions) to manage around that. Plus, I had several different groups of family mem...

Here's how to focus on the things that you actually can control.

I have struggled with the need for control for most of my life.

For a long time, I felt like my life was out of control, out of my hands. Every day, it felt like things happened to me that I didn’t expect o...

Because researchers have proven that everything takes longer than you think it does.

My college roommate pulled a lot of all-nighters.

She was (and is) a brilliant person, fun and funny.

But she could never figure out how long it would take her to write a paper.

She was a...

Thinking up new ideas is fun.  But you have to execute too.

I volunteer on the board of an animal rescue organization.

They have an amazing mission. They want to support rescue animals.

Or, at least, that’s part of their mission.

One of the two co-founders is a woman that...

I’m standing at the precipice of a choice.

Anyone else making a decision? A big decision or a little decision. Sometimes it’s not the size that matters. Sometimes the small choices feel exactly the same as the big ones. Terrifying.

There are two paths that I can take. Bo...

Recognize your power to choose.

I remember the first time that Jennie Barrett invited me over to her house.

We had been in school together for years, Jennie and I. And obviously I knew a lot about her. She was dating one of the cutest boys and was a top player on the lac...

And it's actually a huge relief.

I used to spend a lot of time worrying about how other people judged me.

What I wore, was it appropriate, did it fit right? Did I say too much? Did I say too little? This person must think I’m too intense. And that person must think I’m n...

When your to-do list is epic and you don't know where to start.

It’s Monday morning and I just sat down at my desk in my home office.

My head is buzzing. I have been mulling over some thoughts about a corporate client project since yesterday afternoon. I listened to a po...

When procrastination makes things feel way bigger than they are, start small.

I really didn’t want to file the tax extension.

I am on the board of a small nonprofit. And I oversee the financial work. We are in the midst of finding a new accountant. And because it’s run o...

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