Instead of Just Wishing Things Were Different.

A CEO that I worked for a few years ago was a total asshole.

Not uncommon in the startup world.

He yelled at people, often. He threatened the life of the company founder on a conference call once. With me (the CFO), the COO,...

I was sitting on the sidelines of a kids’ baseball game on Saturday.

A friend of mine, another parent, was talking about how she felt like she was in a rut. She has worked at the same place for a long time. She wasn’t very happy there. But she wasn’t sure what to do nex...

I had a week, people.

A week you have all had. A week you might be having right now. Things that were supposed to happen, didn’t. Things that should never happen, did.

I created a beautiful plan for what I wanted to do this week. And for several days at the end of the we...

The bus that drives my 8 year old to school didn’t show up the other morning.


By the time we realized it wasn’t coming, I was in full panic mode. I knew it meant that at least one of my kids would be late to school. (They go to different schools).

Even worse, it mea...

I couldn’t decide what to write about yesterday.

I had a lot of ideas. But I wanted to pick the right topic — something interesting and relevant.

Decisions, decisions.

As I was staring at my screen, a friend who was visiting from out of town stopped by to say hello. We we...

I have a life long love affair with math and science.

Given my family, my parents took for granted that I would excel in those areas. And excel I did.

At the end of college, I had no practical ideas about what to do with my life. I knew I was good at school. I knew I lik...

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