Stop pondering ten different goals.  Find one that resonates for you.  

Six years ago, I found myself with more flexibility than I’d had in a long time.

I had left my full time job to do consulting. I still had young children. I still had to do a lot of networking a...

Do you remember the movie Groundhog Day?

It’s a classic movie from the 1990’s. In it, Bill Murray plays a weatherman. He goes to the small town of Punxsutawney in February. To report if the groundhog will predict 6 more weeks of winter. (A strange tradition here in the...

Saying Yes to everything is keeping you stuck.

I spent two hours yesterday in a meeting that I didn’t want to attend. Plus I drove there and back. And paid for parking.

Have you ever done something like that?

A parent from your kid’s school asks you to make something for...

Don't worry about the perfect choice.  It doesn't exist.

My cousin lives in a charming old house.

It has a big glassed in area in the back. She keeps lots of plants back there. Her cat spends most of the day in this greenhouse area, sunning itself next to the potted fig...

Six months ago, if I were to see a snapshot of my future life, the life I’m living right now, I would have been ecstatic.

I have a consulting client that both pays well and is fun to work with. I am six months into writing and it has gone better than I could have dreame...

Six Concrete Steps To Get There

I have three close friends who are looking to make a career change.

All for different reasons. One recently closed her small business and is looking for something more corporate. One was laid off, but looking for something like what she wa...

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