Manage your mind, change your life.

What a year I’ve had.

I accomplished a lot in my life before 2018. I’m 45 years old. I earned a Ph.D. Received accolades on Wall Street. Been in the C-suite of public and private biotech companies. I’ve gotten married and had two amazi...

The freedom of knowing that someone else's behavior is not about you.

Three years into my first job on Wall Street, I was ready for more responsibility.

I had done well in my junior role, and it was not uncommon for high performing juniors to get promoted after 3 or 4 ye...

A reminder that accepting help makes us stronger, not weaker.

Last week, I hired a fantastic new team member for my business.

A few days ago, I wrote about how it has it made me worried. It’s a lot of pressure to lead, manage, and continue to create enough business to su...

Break that cycle of excitement-disengagement-panic to finish.

The road to a PhD is long.

For my kind of PhD, the kind involving science in a lab, you spend a lot of years standing near a bench, replicating experiments over and over. During the years of my thesis work, I...

I was up at 2:30am last night, sleepless, worrying.

I hired someone new for my business recently. The hire was long overdue. I was drowning in administrative and back office tasks. When I know that I need to focus on other things.

So I hired someone incredible. She start...

Three steps if you’re frozen by thoughts of the worst-case scenario.

I recently read a story about two neighbors, Will and Oliver.

Will is at home at night, alone. He hears a rustling noise outside, and some loud banging. Will is uncertain if the noises are animals that...

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