Some days we're less inspired than others.  It doesn't have to mean anything.

I am in a motivated phase of my life. I’ve done a lot and been through a lot to get here. And I’m at the point where I enjoy the work I do, I enjoy the calm that organization brings me, and I...

How Much Time Do You Waste Feeling Shame About How You Spend Your Time?

We have a collective obsession with the passage of time. Of what we do with our time. With using time “correctly”. With not “wasting” time.

I was talking with an acquaintance at my son’s basketball g...

Step 1: Accept that you will never finish it all

My to-do list covers a lot of ground.

Right now, I have at least 16 things on it, and a lot of them are not related. Some are about my kids, some about work. My dog needs to go to the groomer. I need to Marie Kondo my clos...

Waiting until perfect means you miss out on great.

I have a consulting client that I’ve been talking to for months.

Well, they are not technically a client right now.

It is a company that I have worked with in the past. A small startup with limited funds. A great group of...

Nothing is black and white.

I used to think I was a bad parent.

I have two kids with multiple Learning Differences. It’s the term I prefer to use when people have diagnoses like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Executive Function issues, etc.

I grew up a total school nerd, straight...

Start with something less scary - curiosity.

I was talking with a friend of mine last week about a midlife career change.

She was feeling overwhelmed.

She has been a successful accountant for many years. She works in a lucrative part of the accounting industry and has a g...

It can be simple.  If you let it.

I sat waiting in my car in the dark, last in a long line of cars. When my 11-year-old son finally got in the car, he could barely contain himself.

“Mom, I’m so close! I’m almost there!” He told me.

He’s doing an after-school program at an...

Are you obsessed with things you can't change?

When my younger son was 3 years old, he almost died.

He was having some health issues. We saw a specialist, and agreed that he needed an endoscopy. It’s a routine procedure. The doctors sedate the person, put a tiny camera d...

A powerful reminder when you're waiting for the perfect plan.

When Play-Doh first came on the market, it was wallpaper cleaner.

At that time, coal was the most common way to heat homes. And coal made lots of soot that covered surfaces and walls with black dust. Wallpaper...

Stop thinking about home when you're at work, and work when you're at home.

When I went back to work after my second maternity leave, I was a mess.

I worked at a giant company. The kind that has meetings all day, every day. Which means, all the actual work that you need...

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