Don't worry about the perfect choice.  It doesn't exist.

My cousin lives in a charming old house.

It has a big glassed in area in the back. She keeps lots of plants back there. Her cat spends most of the day in this greenhouse area, sunning itself next to the potted fig...

Six months ago, if I were to see a snapshot of my future life, the life I’m living right now, I would have been ecstatic.

I have a consulting client that both pays well and is fun to work with. I am six months into writing and it has gone better than I could have dreame...

Six Concrete Steps To Get There

I have three close friends who are looking to make a career change.

All for different reasons. One recently closed her small business and is looking for something more corporate. One was laid off, but looking for something like what she wa...

Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time?

Write a book. Figure out a new career path. One that is much more satisfying. Or, learn a new skill, like playing the guitar.

You think about how great it would be to get there. But it’s easy to put it off. You...

Stop avoiding or procrastinating because of this one thought.

I have a new consulting client. Well, one that I’ve worked with before. I enjoy working with the management team. And its a project like many others that I have done in the past.

My first deadline is a few wee...

43% of you are just waiting for inspiration to strike

 I do my best work when I am inspired, not when I am adhering to a schedule.

Do you agree with that statement?

I was doing an interim analysis of some data that I recently gathered. I put together a quiz. A productivit...

We all love to start shiny new projects.  This is how to get to the end of them.

My older son is 11. He still enjoys Legos from time to time. And he is passionate about Harry Potter. Lego recently started making Harry Potter Legos. He was desperate for a set for his bir...

4 strategies to move you toward your goals when you are frozen.

You might not believe it right now, but we’re all terrified.

All of us who set goals for ourselves. Who want to try something new. Something that feels big.

Change careers. Run a marathon. Write a book.


Interruptions happen to all of us.  Here's what to do about it.

I am more and more fascinated by people’s fascination with productivity.

I don’t think everyone thinks about or sees it the same way.

Even more fascinating.

Many people have great big ideas. Hopes and dreams....

Stay on target with less overwhelm when you break it all down.

This fall has pulled me in a million different directions.

I have a new consulting client. Well, a client that I worked with several years ago. And has just re-engaged.

I am very enthusiastic about this projec...

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