Five Steps To Take Right Now.

I often feel overwhelmed.

Right now, I am overwhelmed thinking about the next two weeks.

My kids go back to school.

With that period of time comes a flurry of activities.

Lots of back to school meetings. School supplies to buy. New soccer and b...

My to-do list covers a lot of ground.

Right now, I have at least 16 things on it, and a lot of them are not related. Some are about my kids, some about work. Some are personal grooming activities.

There are times when my list gets so long that all I can focus on is how m...

I have to go to the dentist this afternoon.

Not for a cleaning, but to get…something done.

The appointment shouldn’t take more than an hour. And its only 15 minutes from my house. Which means this lovely dental adventure shouldn’t take more than 1.5 hours out of my day.


My son wanted to make his own smoothie yesterday.

He drinks a lot of smoothies. And at 10 years old, he is perfectly capable of making his own.

I make him almost the exact same combination every day. He has had at least 600 smoothies with the same ingredients. But he ask...

I am a highly anxious person.

I have had some form of anxiety, including panic attacks, since I was 6 years old (I wrote about that here). I walk through life with a constant baseline of anxiety. But a panic attack feels to me like my brain is in a thought tornado. Ampe...

I have always been a “productive” person. Before there were thousands of articles on morning routines and daily exercise. I gravitate toward structure, toward striving.

Even back in college in the 1990’s, I remember walking through a silent campus at 8am. To get a head...

I am going out of town with my family tomorrow.

I have a lot to get done before we step on the plane.

I woke up with my mind spinning on repeat: work, write, errands, kids, meals, cleaning, dog. All the things I want or need to do today. Over and over. I knew I was overw...

Don’t avoid the details of how to reach your goals because creative, big picture ideas are more fun.

I was recently talking with a close friend of mine. She is one of the original six architects in what is now a firm with 50 architects. She was recently nominated for a...

Last year, my son was struggling to do his homework. He would get a packet at the beginning of each week, due at the end. The content of the packet would vary. But it always involved many subjects and pieces of paper, loosely shoved into a folder.

Every evening, N would...

One of the mundane parts of life as a parent is setting up carpools for your kids. The the logistics can make you want to poke your own eyes out, but the advantage is that you have one less 30 minute drive from point A to point B.

There is one family with whom we carpoo...

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