Stop thinking about home when you're at work, and work when you're at home.

When I went back to work after my second maternity leave, I was a mess.

I worked at a giant company. The kind that has meetings all day, every day. Which means, all the actual work that you need...

I was up at 2:30am last night, sleepless, worrying.

I hired someone new for my business recently. The hire was long overdue. I was drowning in administrative and back office tasks. When I know that I need to focus on other things.

So I hired someone incredible. She start...

Three steps if you’re frozen by thoughts of the worst-case scenario.

I recently read a story about two neighbors, Will and Oliver.

Will is at home at night, alone. He hears a rustling noise outside, and some loud banging. Will is uncertain if the noises are animals that...

4 strategies to move you toward your goals when you are frozen.

You might not believe it right now, but we’re all terrified.

All of us who set goals for ourselves. Who want to try something new. Something that feels big.

Change careers. Run a marathon. Write a book.


I got invited to parties on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this last weekend.

Oh boy.

I am not a party animal. I am your garden-variety introvert. And this is not a typical weekend for me. But it’s the end of summer. The start of my kids’ school year. And for some reason,...

I’ve been working my way through a shame attack the last few days.

Shame is a universal experience. So many of us experience shame about so many different things, for so many different reasons.

Shame is defined by Brene Brown as:

the intensely painful feeling or experienc...

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