Six months ago, if I were to see a snapshot of my future life, the life I’m living right now, I would have been ecstatic.

I have a consulting client that both pays well and is fun to work with. I am six months into writing and it has gone better than I could have dreame...

4 strategies to move you toward your goals when you are frozen.

You might not believe it right now, but we’re all terrified.

All of us who set goals for ourselves. Who want to try something new. Something that feels big.

Change careers. Run a marathon. Write a book.


I was 2 months into my first semester of graduate school.

The transition had been rough, socially and emotionally. I went from a close knit on-campus community. One I had been a part of for 4 years. To an urban environment with only 6 members of my class. I was struggli...

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Research Confirms That No One Is Really Thinking About You

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