You have to plan to let your mind wander.

Last week was a whopper for me.

It was a convergence of events. My kids’ school year was ending, and we had a lot of unusual events (and a lot of emotions) to manage around that. Plus, I had several different groups of family mem...

Because researchers have proven that everything takes longer than you think it does.

My college roommate pulled a lot of all-nighters.

She was (and is) a brilliant person, fun and funny.

But she could never figure out how long it would take her to write a paper.

She was a...

When your to-do list is epic and you don't know where to start.

It’s Monday morning and I just sat down at my desk in my home office.

My head is buzzing. I have been mulling over some thoughts about a corporate client project since yesterday afternoon. I listened to a po...

When procrastination makes things feel way bigger than they are, start small.

I really didn’t want to file the tax extension.

I am on the board of a small nonprofit. And I oversee the financial work. We are in the midst of finding a new accountant. And because it’s run o...

And how to change, if you want to.

I have an acquaintance. She’s a parent of elementary aged kids. She has a full time job. She has many friends that she enjoys spending time with when she can, and she enjoys working out in the morning.

And she’s exhausted all the time....

What is the story you're telling yourself about your ability to get organized?

My son couldn’t find his golf clubs.

It’s finally (almost) spring in my part of the world. He had last played golf more than six months ago. The clubs had disappeared somewhere, in the garage...

Spoiler alert: using tools to re-engage mid-project instead of waiting until the end.

The road to a PhD is long.

For my kind of PhD, the kind involving science in a lab, you spend a lot of years standing near a bench, replicating experiments over and over. During the yea...

The key to reaching your goals is to shift away from reaction mode and toward intentional work.

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Most of the work that I do is about strategy and execution. Figuring out exactly where these CEO’s and business o...

And manage your mind in the process.

It’s been a week.

An exciting week. A fun week. But the kind of week where you grab the safety bar and let the roller coaster take you around. You choose to believe that you’ll be okay and it will all work out in the end. Even if you’...

Developing a sense of time, especially if you struggle with ADHD.

Almost all of us grapple with an accurate sense of time.

In fact, there is a phenomenon called Planning Fallacy. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It was discovered by two psychologists, Daniel Kahneman and Amos T...

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